Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Thought for today...

I've been thinking about my game Thursday while at work this week (the beauty of having a job that doesn't require you to think much...), specifically about the Long Riders.

They were deployed on my right flank, opposite the Blood Trackers who had prayed them. They died in turn 2 after having advanced some, but only enough to get into ambuscade range. Originally I wanted to keep them in range of the KSB, but because I needed one of the scribes as a charge target I ended up running them so it was a moot point. But anyway, next time that happens I really should just run them up in the face of them(or charge or slam if I'm close enough). At ARM 18 and with 8 wounds each they take some killing, especially if they are so up in your face you can't charge/ambuscade/other bonus damage.

Obviously it won't work every time but if I had done that the Long Riders probably wouldn't have died, the Blood Trackers would have been disposed of earlier and it would overall have looked much better for me.

It's funny because I do it with my Cygnar all the time. Especially my mechanics, they usually die around turn 2 or 3 because they have run up to engage something.

So lesson to remember, Trolls don't die easily so if something is scary at range, but squishy just run to engage it. If nothing else your stuff is up there and then it's your opponents problem, rather than yours.

As a side note my Mauler is now making his way toward me so looking forward to getting him. I really need to paint more trolls but I got a tournament with Cygnar coming up so maybe I should finish those first... (UK tournaments seems to put a greater emphasis on painting than what I've picked up about the US ones, but that's a topic for another day)

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  1. yeah, another Troll blog. Axe to mouth baby.