Monday, 27 July 2009


Yay, we finally get to see the much awaited Fennblades. And some very lovely models it is indeed. I'm really liking them and can't wait to get my hands on them to paint them. Even more since you get 10 for $50. That's cheap enough that you can actually afford to get the unit, or even two if you fancy. I'd be tempted to get two I have to say, at least if they stay anything like they are in MK II. Cheap, fast, quite hitty all things considered. I could see 20 of them being a good base for an army. I'm really excited about these models, and if we are really lucky they will be the jump off point to plastic Kriel Warriors too. Now all we need is a release date.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Lots of painted Trolls

As I said I've been painting away on the Trolls for the past couple of weeks. That's actually a really big change for me, usually I only really get motivated to paint if I got a tournament coming up or if I'm just starting on a project. But at the moment I'm just pleased to see the trolls get some colour even if I don't have a 'goal' for when they are to be done.

First up is Calandra. She was one of the things that got me excited about Trolls in Meta and I've been waiting for her to be released. Quite a fun model to paint, very different to the other trolls. She could maybe have done with slightly smaller hands... (Her left hand was a real nightmare to get to stick).I've tried her in a few games too and she is quite fun; letting you play however you like.

Next up is my Axer (he still needs a name). Really pleased with the model actually, although I never seem to be able to get all that much out of him on the tabletop. Lack of practice I guess.
The additional charge distance should be good, I just needs to be a lot better at using it. And hopefully he will have reach in MK II. Looking at the size of his axe, and the size of the Hero's axe he certainly should get it. And if he then keeps Thresher that is going to be awesome. Might make him quite an expensive light though.

And his brother, the Slag Troll. I didn't much liked the way he was painted by PP, he just didn't looked like he belonged in the army then, so he got to be blue like the rest of the trolls. He still sticks out a bit because he is mostly naked but he actually looks like he fit now.
I also did some slight conversion work to bulk out his arms a bit as he suffered really badly from giant hands syndrome. His right arm could probably have used a bit more, but at least I think it's better than the stock model.He also shows my new idea for bases. I'm going to paint the rim two different green colours to show the front arc, I just need to settle on the greens to use. Used Dark Angels/Emerald Green here, where as I tried Reflective Green on Calandra's base.
Been very impressed with him in gameplay too. He does lots and lots of damage to warjacks.

I've posted my Kriel Stone Bearer before, but I redid his skin to match the new way I'm painting it. And I painted a few more from his unit too. The Stone Scribe Elder and a 'grunt'. And I've done a little bit on the rest too. Figured that since these guys will be in every army they would be a good place to start.

I also finally finished the Fell Caller. He have been sitting on my desk being almost done for quite a long while now, so it was about time. He also made me wish Trolls had more soloes. I do like soloes but you don't get that many of them in Hordes (or at least not with Trolls).
Got a couple of minions on there way though. A Feral Geist, Alten Ashley and Dahlia Hallyr and Skarath. I'm especially looking forward to painting Skarath, that's just a great model. Reports on them have been a bit mixed, but I really like there models and I just don't feel the need to get a minion warlock with a beatstick beast. That's what Trolls do!

And finally I just finished one of my Long Riders. It took a bit longer to paint than I anticipated, but I'm hoping I can finish the other two today and have my first completed unit. Thought it would be easier to finish thme since they are only three models, rather than the seven in the KSB unit. They also add some much needed speed to the Troll lineup. I'd actually really like to get Horthol and another two Long Riders, but Horthol is expensive, so I'm thinking I'll wait and see how they look in Mk II before I buy any more. Another idea would be to get another box of Long Riders and then just convert one of them into a Horthol model. Although then I'd still be a dismounted Horthol short.

And a group picture of all the models I've painted recently. Grissel really should have been in it as she is almost done, but she was hiding in the cupboard and I forgot to take a picture of her...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

It is alive!

Finally got around to update this blog. It's been a combination of not playing Warmachine at all and using my Cygnar for a couple of tournaments (took 3rd at our local one) but I've finally gotten back to Wyrmwall Kriel and been doing some painting the past week or so. So I've now completed an Axer and new comer Calandra and a Slag Troll (pictures to follow tomorrow hopefully).

They will all see action tomorrow, going up against the Legions of the Nightmare Empire. Hopefully the Slag Troll especially should be very handy against all the undeads, and having proxied Calandra once before I'm very much looking forward to using her. Is there anything she can't do?

Calandra will be bringing a Mauler, an Axer, an Impaler and a Slag Troll with her. And to accompany the big beasts will be Champions, Scattergunners, a Kriel Stone and Elder, a Hero, Fell Caller and some Whelps. And some Swamp Gobbers. Very execiting to have a proper game with the Trolls again, although I have actually managed to use them a little bit recently. I've been running demo games at my gaming club the past three weeks or so.

I had Madrak go into overdrive mode in one of them. There was a battleline of 6 Swordknights, Ironclad, Lancer and Stryker fighting champions. Thinking I'd just show what a Warlock can do and that feats can be mean I moved Madrak up to the Swordknights and feated. He then proceeded to kill all the Swordknights, the Lancer and finally ended up right next to Stryker. With just a point of fury left I hit him, boosting damage thinking I could at least give him a scare before he killed Madrak I rolled 18 for damage, killing Stryker in one hit with a point of damage to spare!

That was surprising to say the least. I might have to give Madrak a bit more serious attention. I've not really tried to play a proper beatstick caster yet, although Grissel can beat up people if she needs to.