Thursday, 2 April 2009

Taranis the Impaler

Meet Taranis, the first painted trollblod from Wyrmwall Kriel.

Obviously I still need to do his base and such, but other than that I'm actually quite pleased with how he turned out. With all the leather and stuff it's very easy to make it look samey. I think the few different brown tones I have there does the job well enough though. The armour needs a little more work and I could have done without the chickens on him (fun touch, but I'd rather not have them there) but for a first model I'm pleased.

I think I'll try and name all my beasts, just for fun. Once I've done the base up I'll write his name on it. The name itself I've nicked from a list of Celtic gods. Taranis is a wargod, often depicted with a lightning bolt, and somewhat similar to Tor so the name seems fitting.

1 comment:

  1. Naming your stuff is not only fun and characterful, but also helpful in terms of providing referential terms mid-game and for battle reports, especially when you have multiples of the same model.

    eg, my Searforge list has:
    3 bokurs - Pokey, Ingrid and Marley
    3 gunbunnies - Thumper, Flopsy, Mopsy
    2 spraybunnies - Loki, Baldur
    1 Driller - Jennifer
    1 Rockram - Percival

    Even just being able to say "Okay, Ingrid charges your Defender" makes games go a lot smoother :)