Thursday, 2 April 2009

Why Trolls then?

So why did I get a Troll army when I'm still in the process of doing a Cygnar army?

The obvious answer is to have both a Warmachine and a Hordes faction, but really it's just because Trolls are cool. I've been tempted by them (and Circle) on and off since I really got interested in this game around a year ago. Originally I went with Cygnar because the Ironclad model just looked really cool (and ironically I now never use it...). But then I was listening to the Podthralls review of Metamorphosis and that sold me enough on the trolls to at least want to try them out. Having now read the background for them too they are the faction I like the most in the game. Pushed around and pressured from all sides they are fighting a battle against everyone just to continue to exist as a society.

Contrast to Circle that I liked the idea of too, but having read there fluff I don't think I actually like them that much. There religion just doesn't make much sense to me, and it seems to be a weird mix of interest that's now coming apart at the seams.

Anyway, having read the books I ordered a bunch of models and the Wyrmwall Kriel will see there first proper game tonight! Should be a 500 points affair against something (new guy at the club I think). I should even manage to have a model painted for it too, the first Impaler is almost done, yay! (pictures to follow later hopefully)

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