Friday, 8 May 2009

The thunder of heavy feets

I've gotten some reinforcement for my trolls during the last week; not one, but two Dire Troll Maulers!

They should add some heavy firepower to my line of trolls, especially looking forward to using the animus to providing on the spot damage boosting. Also it's just a great model, I really like it. Big, massive and angry!

It's also the only Dire Troll I really like, sadly. I might get the Earthborn, but Mulg doesn't really do it for me and I really don't like the Blitzer. But that's okay with me, there are models in Cygnar I don't like either and I'm not really feeling the loss. Now I just need to get around to paint it.

And that nicely leads into why updates have been a little slow. Got a big tournament coming up next weekend and I'm using my Cygnar there. So they have been getting some playtime. (eHaley ripped Kreoss apart with her spear last week, but he took revenge this week and immolated her to death)

They are also taking up my painting table, 14 models to go...

After that it's back to the Trolls though, as I plan on using them for a tournament next month. Not really had enough practice to give a good showing with them, but I know it will be fun so who cares :)

1 comment:

  1. Mauler is our best heavy anyway. Very useful Beatstick, very useful animus, huge spiral, awesome chain attack. The rest are nice and EBDT and Mulg are fantastic but none bring the versatility of the Mauler.