Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Meet Comulus, one of the resident Dire Troll Maulers in Wyrmwall Kriel.
Quite pleased actually, I think he came out pretty well. The skin was tricky to get right just because most of the model is only skin! His base also need more work I think but I wanted to get a picture of a painted model up.

Read the scenario...

Fourth game was also against Trolls.

This time it was a Grim list.

5 Long Riders
Swamp Gobbers
Pyg Borrowers
Fell Caller

The scenario was Invasion and I really should have read it more carefully...

He had the Long Riders on my left flank, Champions, KSB and Gobbers in the middle and Grim and all the Beasts on the right flank.

I had the Long Gunners and a Lancer on the left flank, almost all the rest in the middle and the Swordknights and a Stormsmith on the right.

The Long Gunners put some real hurt on the Long Riders, killing one and seriously damaging another. A Time Bomb damage them further and slows them down and Eiryss is just out of charge range. The rest of my stuff moves up field ready to confront the champions and the Sworknights shuffle around to hopefully bait the Earthborn forward, but being able to take it.

And that was the mistake. The Swordknights ended up in a position where the only model completely in my right hand zone was the Stormsmith. Turn 3 Grim moves up, and pops the Stormsmith with Farstrike on him and wins the game. At this point we have killed three models. A Long Rider, eEiryss and the Stormsmith.

Of course I was set up to blow his Long Riders off the table and do the same to him so I'm not complaining. I had the Long Gunners, Black 13th, eHaleys spells, Lancer and Ol' Rowdy (he might have been in range) all set up to do it. Just never got the chance. We were both a bit gutted it ended so quickly but it was my own fault for not playing to the scenario proper.

Lesson learn: Always read the scenario. Twice. And then read it one more time just to be sure.

Damn tough rolls

Since it's suppose to be a blog about Trolls I thought I'd report on my Troll games over the weekend. Something that should please the Troll players as I lost to both of them!

It's worth mentioning that for these games caster kills doesn't end the games (they give you a tournament point bonus), it's all about the scenario.

Having played Khador (Sorcha) in game one and gotten a draw and Cryx (Goreshade) and winning I was facing a friend in game three using Trolls. Having faced each other twice before I've once defeated him with Irusk and lost once to eMorghoul.

The scenario played was Contested Ground, so 4 12" zones, getting a control point for controlling a zone and winning if you got 5. If time ran out the tie breaker would be most control points.

His list consisted of:

Dire Troll Mauler
4 Long Riders
Fell Caller

The important terrain was a big rocky formation in the middle, a hill on my right flank that housed the Long Gunners, a Stormsmith, Black 13 and Eiryss and a forest in the Troll deployment zone on my left flank.

The game almost fell into 3 sections. On the left flank you had Gudrun, a Stormsmith and the Mechanics who kept themselves busy all game. The Stormsmith eventually died, but that was pretty much it. On the right flank my shooting took out two of the Long Riders, but slightly off positioning on my part saw the remaining two kill the Black 13 and Eiryss and eventually decimate the Long Gunners.

Everything else happened in the middle. I moved up my arc nodes a bit too far on either side of the rocky outcrop and the lancer got swiftly taken out. Although thinking back I think it only actually lost both arms but we both assumed it was disabled from then on. Given the available force that could have pounded it some more without being slowed (like the Mauler) I doubt it made a difference. Thorn played Tag with the Champions until he moved a bit too far and got charged by the Hero who proptly wrecked it. I did get a free shot at Grissel in turn one where she didn't had any fury on her, but when the initial Time Bomb only did a couple of points of damage I just didn't had enough power to kill her.

After Thorn was taken out the Swordknights, Junior (with her hand cannon), eHaley and Ol' Rowdy managed to take down all but one of the Champions and the Hero. Unfortuantly that had set up Rowdy nicely for a crit slam from the Impaler, 6" and right through 3 Swordknights and the Piper! To make matters worse the Axer charged the knocked down Rowdy but didn't disable him.
The Mauler crucially didn't do anything but move into position. It could have trambled some Swordknights but decided to wait.

That proved to be a bad decision as the Swordknights (all three remaining) charged the Mauler. Now both the Axe and Mauler had taken some damage earlier, but my opponent didn't expected both of them to die in a single turn. But Rowdy brained the Axer with his hammer and two Swordknights took down the Mauler!

At this point my opponent had gotten a single control point so was winning the game. I had to clear a zone and the only option I had was the second zone from the left. It only had a single champion, the Fell Caller and a Feral Geist in it. Unfortuantly I didn't had a whole lot to do it with either. And she had to do it in a single turn.

The only thing I had that could kill the Feral Geist was eHaley, but even with movement she was 1.5" out of range with her Arcane Bolt. Still, she could Telekinesis herself so it wasn't impossible. At least not until the Tough Rolls started. Up until this point the Trolls had only passed a single Tough roll. The Champion passed 5 consecutive Tough Rolls, the Fell Caller passed two and I didn't even got a chance to do anything about the Feral Geist. And that was it.

We did have another turn where I yet again failed to claim the zone, although the champion did die. To an Impaler spear trying to knock him into Haley...

Overall lots of fun, lots of killing, if only it wasn't for those damn Tough rolls...

Monday, 18 May 2009

eHaley returns in victory!

Yes I know, still not trolls but I wanted to post an update on the tournament this weekend.
I had a great time, won two games, drew one and lost two (both to Trolls!). And our team did great too.

The Club Challenge is as the name suggest really a club event with a trophy for the best overall club and a smaller one for the best club in each game system (We had WFB, 40k, WAB, Epic, BB, FoW and WM/H this year). There were three of us playing in the WM/H section and our club (Battle Force Pompey) took the system shield! It was also one of our guys who won it being the only player to win all five games. Well done mate!
We even won one of those nifty GF9 resin terrain pieces (the Menoth one) for our trouble.

I'll post up some reports about the games and then it's back to the Trolls. Playing them really made me want to get my own painted so I can get to use them!

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Club Challenge is today! Fire up the Jacks and lets go to war!

Damn, another week gone by. I had actually meant to post some thoughts about painted and non-painted armies, especially for tournaments and peoples different background but I guess that will have to wait as the tournament I mentioned, the Club Challenge, starts today! Well, technically it starts tomorrow, but we are going up there today.

Warmachine and Hordes is a new event there and we ended up with 16 players. It's actually a surprisingly even spread of armies. No merc armies but else at least one of everything. The list looks like this:
3 Menoth
2 Khador
2 Cygnar
2 Cryx
2 Legion
2 Circle
2 Trolls
1 Skorne

So looks like there will only be one eMorghoul and two eVlad...
Although to be honest I'm not expecting it to be a whole host of 'typical' tournament lists. Hard lists sure, but not just the most popular tournament build.

As I've said I'll be bringing my Cygnar army (Trolls would have been great but there was no way they could have been painted in time, and you do get points for painting). And eHaley list and a Kraye list. Haley is my girl, I love her background and I like her playstyle. And eHaley is just plain more fun then Haley. She have more tricks and things to do. Not that Haley can't be more than a TB machine, but you kind a feel you have to.
And Kraye because he makes Warjacks fun. Plain and simple.

Anyway, my lists looks like this.

Ol' Rowdy

Journeyman Warcaster
2 Stormsmiths

Black 13th
4 Mechanics
6 Long Gunners
7 Sword Knights
Sword Knight UA

Rupert the Piper
Epic Eiryss

Ol' Rowdy

Captain Arlan Strangewayes
Journeyman Warcaster

Black 13th
6 Field Mechaniks

Epic Eiryss

One interesting thing to notice is that Legends is the book I've drawn most from, followed closely by Prime. Escalation and Apotheosis both gets in there with a couple of choices but there is nothing from Superiority at all. And looking at what we got there I have to admit I don't like very much of it. Even things like the very popular Stormguards (don't like the models, even if I own 8) and Storm Lances (I hate painting cav, always been an infantry person). Don't want to ramble on about that, just thought it was interesting.

Anyway, only gotten in a small number of games with the finished lists and I've never actually played using the scenarioes/rules we will be using (caster kills are not a win condition but gives you 5 points. Winning the scenario gives you 25 and a draw gives you 10) so that is good and proper. Practising for a tournament is almost cheating!

Quite excited about it; I got two goals for the weekend. Aside from having a good time! Finishing in the top half and being top Cygnar. Neither gives me anything but might actually be attainable where as winning or placing probably isn't (I'm under no illusions that my gaming skills are anything more than average).

I'm also counting on this weekend to get me fired up about doing some more painting so I can make a good start on my Trolls next week. Although I do also have an Elf Blood Bowl team I want to paint. But I can probably do one of those in the same time as a couple of Troll models. They do take a long time to paint.

Friday, 8 May 2009

The thunder of heavy feets

I've gotten some reinforcement for my trolls during the last week; not one, but two Dire Troll Maulers!

They should add some heavy firepower to my line of trolls, especially looking forward to using the animus to providing on the spot damage boosting. Also it's just a great model, I really like it. Big, massive and angry!

It's also the only Dire Troll I really like, sadly. I might get the Earthborn, but Mulg doesn't really do it for me and I really don't like the Blitzer. But that's okay with me, there are models in Cygnar I don't like either and I'm not really feeling the loss. Now I just need to get around to paint it.

And that nicely leads into why updates have been a little slow. Got a big tournament coming up next weekend and I'm using my Cygnar there. So they have been getting some playtime. (eHaley ripped Kreoss apart with her spear last week, but he took revenge this week and immolated her to death)

They are also taking up my painting table, 14 models to go...

After that it's back to the Trolls though, as I plan on using them for a tournament next month. Not really had enough practice to give a good showing with them, but I know it will be fun so who cares :)