Saturday, 4 April 2009

A weight off my shoulders...

There he is, my Kriel Stone Bearer. It's such a neat looking model I just had to paint it. How can you not love a troll carrying a giant rock around?!

It's the first infantry model too and so I had to define my kriels colours too. Ended up with a dark green background with a brown and a red stripe. Real easy to paint and looks quite good I think.

He should have reinforcement coming his way soon. Won some Longriders and another Impaler (it was 99p!) off eBay so that should be interesting.
I quite like the Longriders (no idea how they work out in the game though), strange really as I have no intention what so ever of picking up the Cygnar cav. I really don't want to paint them and I sort of feel I got the Jacks anyway. Not so with the Long Riders, but lets see when I actually get them.

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