Friday, 3 April 2009

First game!

I had my first game with my Trolls last night. 500 points against Menoth.

I used Calandra, 2 Impalers, an Axer, a unit of Champions, a Fell Caller and a full unit of KSB with the UA.

On the other side I was facing Reznik, a Castigator, a Repenter, a Revenger, a Choir, Zealots with the Monolith Bearer and a unit of Exemplar Errants.

I had almost completed a battle report when the computer finished an update and restarted so this is going to be the short version.

At the end of the game I had lost a champion and the Fell Caller. He had 3 Choir boys left engaged with an Impaler and the zealots engaged with the axer. The champions barrelled head first into his jack wall, and over two turns killed the Castigator and the Repenter, while an Impaler and the Fell Caller did for the Revenger (the Fell Caller did 11 points of damage on his charge attack ripping of it's shield!).
In the next turn the Fell Caller charged Reznik after the Impalers had thrown some spears at him (but failed to slam him) and did quite a lot of damage, but sadly not enough to kill him.
The champs managed it though. After disposing of the Castigator they slipped through the ranks and engaged Reznik. And that was the end. It did took them two attempts but it was never in doubt.

Calandra was doing Star Crossed for most of the game but I never manage to actually remember to use it's effect! Definently something to remember for furture games. In this case it didn't matter too much as my Trolls was plenty of resilient this game and I got to engage on my terms.

I was really impressed by what the Champions could do and how resilient they were. Nothing new I know, but I've never used them before! I think there is a lot of potential for Calandra, I just need to be better at using her.

I was helped by the Zealots essentially only having a single turn as they were held in reserve and me getting the jump on his jacks.

I think he was used to playing against Cryx and so was hoping for some spells coming his way to propel his jacks forward with Witchmark (or whatever the ability is called).

And for all that Impalers always crits mine got a single crit all game. Against the Errants of all things. I got a couple of shots at Reznik, but no crits :(

But a win is a win and it makes a nice change from my Cygnar. Both in terms of playstyle and in terms of winning!

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