Monday, 27 April 2009


Wow, I left this for a long time. I'd love to say my tardiness was because I've been playtesting Mk II but that is unfortunately not the case :( I've only gotten in a single practice game of that since it's been released. The truth is that I just haven't had time/opportunity to play. A venue move for our club(new venue is awesome btw) and one of my regular opponents just being too busy, not to mention a quick weekend trip back to Denmark have meant I've only gotten in a single real game in the last couple of weeks.

But my Trolls are still undefeated! Grissel against Baldur, and the last champion just managed to bring Baldur down. I was using my newly aquired Long Riders too, but they got ambuscaded into oblivion early on unfortuantly. Still, they are some of the few cavalry models I actually like the models of and can see myself painting (rare indeed!) so I imagine they will see quite a lot of use actually.

It was a bit of a weird game, in that it was the Circle that bricked up and the Trolls that was doing the mobile attacking. I rushed him early forced him to hide behind Megalith and a Worldwarden. Between the two heavies, the Worldwardens animus, Swamp Gobbers putting up clouds and Baldur putting down forests it was difficult to get a coordinated strike on him though. Although Baldur did inadvertedly wander into the open right in front of an Impaler and Grissel. I don't think he had realised just how much that would hurt and Baldur was suddenly left at 4 hp.

Eventually I managed to overwhelm him long enough for that one champion to hit him over the head. Losses was pretty bad though.

I brought:
Axe (died)
Champions (1 survivor)
Long Riders (dead)
Fell Caller (dead)
KSB+UA (Stone and Elder alive)

He brought:
Baldur (dead)
Worldwarden (dead)
Druids (a couple dead)
Sentry Stone (dead)
Blood Trackers (the javelin girls? Anyway, all but one died)

So the trolls took a beating going in, but they can take so much punishment and still keep going! I'm really loving them. So much fun to play with, and so incredibly different to my Cygnar army.

Should have some Swamp Gobbers arriving soon, and I'll probably get Horthol to support the Long Riders. I'm sure they will match the champions well, if they can survive past turn two. But for the first time ever using proper cavalry(Kraye's Jacks doesn't really count) in Warmachine that was okay.

Anyway, work is calling (yay...) might flesh it out into a proper battle report later.

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