Monday, 18 May 2009

eHaley returns in victory!

Yes I know, still not trolls but I wanted to post an update on the tournament this weekend.
I had a great time, won two games, drew one and lost two (both to Trolls!). And our team did great too.

The Club Challenge is as the name suggest really a club event with a trophy for the best overall club and a smaller one for the best club in each game system (We had WFB, 40k, WAB, Epic, BB, FoW and WM/H this year). There were three of us playing in the WM/H section and our club (Battle Force Pompey) took the system shield! It was also one of our guys who won it being the only player to win all five games. Well done mate!
We even won one of those nifty GF9 resin terrain pieces (the Menoth one) for our trouble.

I'll post up some reports about the games and then it's back to the Trolls. Playing them really made me want to get my own painted so I can get to use them!

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