Friday, 15 May 2009

The Club Challenge is today! Fire up the Jacks and lets go to war!

Damn, another week gone by. I had actually meant to post some thoughts about painted and non-painted armies, especially for tournaments and peoples different background but I guess that will have to wait as the tournament I mentioned, the Club Challenge, starts today! Well, technically it starts tomorrow, but we are going up there today.

Warmachine and Hordes is a new event there and we ended up with 16 players. It's actually a surprisingly even spread of armies. No merc armies but else at least one of everything. The list looks like this:
3 Menoth
2 Khador
2 Cygnar
2 Cryx
2 Legion
2 Circle
2 Trolls
1 Skorne

So looks like there will only be one eMorghoul and two eVlad...
Although to be honest I'm not expecting it to be a whole host of 'typical' tournament lists. Hard lists sure, but not just the most popular tournament build.

As I've said I'll be bringing my Cygnar army (Trolls would have been great but there was no way they could have been painted in time, and you do get points for painting). And eHaley list and a Kraye list. Haley is my girl, I love her background and I like her playstyle. And eHaley is just plain more fun then Haley. She have more tricks and things to do. Not that Haley can't be more than a TB machine, but you kind a feel you have to.
And Kraye because he makes Warjacks fun. Plain and simple.

Anyway, my lists looks like this.

Ol' Rowdy

Journeyman Warcaster
2 Stormsmiths

Black 13th
4 Mechanics
6 Long Gunners
7 Sword Knights
Sword Knight UA

Rupert the Piper
Epic Eiryss

Ol' Rowdy

Captain Arlan Strangewayes
Journeyman Warcaster

Black 13th
6 Field Mechaniks

Epic Eiryss

One interesting thing to notice is that Legends is the book I've drawn most from, followed closely by Prime. Escalation and Apotheosis both gets in there with a couple of choices but there is nothing from Superiority at all. And looking at what we got there I have to admit I don't like very much of it. Even things like the very popular Stormguards (don't like the models, even if I own 8) and Storm Lances (I hate painting cav, always been an infantry person). Don't want to ramble on about that, just thought it was interesting.

Anyway, only gotten in a small number of games with the finished lists and I've never actually played using the scenarioes/rules we will be using (caster kills are not a win condition but gives you 5 points. Winning the scenario gives you 25 and a draw gives you 10) so that is good and proper. Practising for a tournament is almost cheating!

Quite excited about it; I got two goals for the weekend. Aside from having a good time! Finishing in the top half and being top Cygnar. Neither gives me anything but might actually be attainable where as winning or placing probably isn't (I'm under no illusions that my gaming skills are anything more than average).

I'm also counting on this weekend to get me fired up about doing some more painting so I can make a good start on my Trolls next week. Although I do also have an Elf Blood Bowl team I want to paint. But I can probably do one of those in the same time as a couple of Troll models. They do take a long time to paint.

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