Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Read the scenario...

Fourth game was also against Trolls.

This time it was a Grim list.

5 Long Riders
Swamp Gobbers
Pyg Borrowers
Fell Caller

The scenario was Invasion and I really should have read it more carefully...

He had the Long Riders on my left flank, Champions, KSB and Gobbers in the middle and Grim and all the Beasts on the right flank.

I had the Long Gunners and a Lancer on the left flank, almost all the rest in the middle and the Swordknights and a Stormsmith on the right.

The Long Gunners put some real hurt on the Long Riders, killing one and seriously damaging another. A Time Bomb damage them further and slows them down and Eiryss is just out of charge range. The rest of my stuff moves up field ready to confront the champions and the Sworknights shuffle around to hopefully bait the Earthborn forward, but being able to take it.

And that was the mistake. The Swordknights ended up in a position where the only model completely in my right hand zone was the Stormsmith. Turn 3 Grim moves up, and pops the Stormsmith with Farstrike on him and wins the game. At this point we have killed three models. A Long Rider, eEiryss and the Stormsmith.

Of course I was set up to blow his Long Riders off the table and do the same to him so I'm not complaining. I had the Long Gunners, Black 13th, eHaleys spells, Lancer and Ol' Rowdy (he might have been in range) all set up to do it. Just never got the chance. We were both a bit gutted it ended so quickly but it was my own fault for not playing to the scenario proper.

Lesson learn: Always read the scenario. Twice. And then read it one more time just to be sure.

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